Resort Group Holdings LLC - Timeshare resale scam

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This September I received a cal from a man who said his name was Johnny Garcia from Resort Group Holdings LLC, saying he had a buyer for our timeshare at Fiesta Americana in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.I made an attempt to determine if it was a scam, but did not do a very good job.

He said the closing would handled by Closing Express LLC. The entire transaction was a total scam!

There never was a buyer and all of the fees I paid have been lost, with little or no chance of recovery.Please do not under any circumstances by drawn in by this scam.

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Resort Group Holdings LLC - SCAM!

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This company is a scam.I was using them to sell timeshare, they conveniently lose my wire transfer, claiming it never showed up, and they won't return calls or emails!

AVOID! James Rossi is the person that contacted me. I have filed a complaint with my state and federal AG office for wire fraud. This is a complete sham!

And they work with Closing Express LLC. i have tried for 2 months to get in contact with them. NOTHING! I get mailer-daemon when I attempt to email James.

Whatever you do, avoid this company like the plague!I hope they rot!

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I had the exact same person, James Rossi, contact me over 2 years ago.I lost over $13K between wire transfers in an effort to sell my Real Club membership.

Of course it was time to close the deal when their web site was no longer on-line and their phone was disconnected.That's a lot of money and i hope like *** they get caught!

This is a FAKE Resort Group Holdings LLC. 100% SCAM!

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This is a 100% SCAM!These people are NOT the real Resort Group Holdings LLC.

They have hijacked our business name and are using our names to commit illegal FRAUD! Please turn them in to the local police and call your Attorney General's office. We have done all of this to no avail. Resort Group Holdings in North Carolina has NOTHING to do with Timeshares PERIOD!

We are a local company with business and real estate interests on the Outer Banks of NC and NO WHERE ELSE!

Do NOT send them any money whatsoever!

If the contact you please report ASAP to have them stopped!

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